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Milk4coffee Track Car Log Book comes in 3 editions. The endurance edition has the most pages for the longest use life for those who frequent the race track. The standard edition and student editions are shorter versions for those that would like to try the book out first and see if they like it. The most popular choice is the endurance edition. This log book is a must have for any racer from beginner to expert. Tracking and logging your information is important as a reference point for your vehicle! Check out the book for sale on Amazon now. Let us know what you think. A positive review goes a long way. Perfect for your track rat, project car, track car, race car, helmet bag, glovebox. It’s the milk4coffee track car log book. “track car log book”. Race car log book. Better than a standard notebook, better than mileage log book which is useless for the track. Get out there with some actual information about tire pressure, temperature and suspension settings! Disclaimer: this book is just for note taking. It is not any sort of liability. You are the driver.

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